is a Bullshit Forum!

Had a problem with a forum member? post here, You may alo post here if you wish to inform others of a risky place you found on the internet, to help warn other users.
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Re: is a Bullshit Forum!

Postby ddosbtc » Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:06 pm

Squall1066 wrote:Thanks for committing some time on here, since last time I have put in some harder bot detectors, and anti spam scripts in place, it has quietened down quite alot.

Yeah, i can finally see that bots have left this place. :P

MoneyInPJs wrote:just wanted to post a little update to this thread.

I have not had any problems with them over the last year and it seems like they are leaving me alone now.

I am currently a Sr. member there but if you add all my activity since I first came to that forum, I would be a legendary member but oh well.

Account doesn't matter but what matters is experience.
I had a account there long ago..but i sold it to some guy and he ruined that.So no more accounts there :)
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