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Telegram Cryptocurrency Bots + Games

Postby gigino222 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:00 pm

Bitcoin Bots (games & faucets) on Telegram UPDATED:
(This bots are all legit and have the status "Paying". After you reach the minimal amount for the Withdraw you can afford the payment.)

BTC Faucet:
You can claim every 30 seconds Satoshi. No deposit necessary, but you can upgrade your account for claim every 15, 5 or 1 second.

Mining Ethereum:
Here you can mine Ethereum for free. For free user you mine slowly, but you can collect by time to time your earnings (interests). There is also a Daily Bonus to collect, for maximize your earnings.

Claim With Me:
In this botgame you have levels. You can increase your level with diamonds (currency in game). For each level you produce more Satoshi per hour. You can collect your interest in Satoshi and exchange them in Diamonds for levelling up. Higher level = higher production of Satoshi.

Magic Bitcoin Farm:
In this game you can buy seeds and plant it in your garden. The collected seeds can be exchanged in the town for buying more seeds. More seeds you have = Higher production ergo higher payout. You can collect daily bonus.

Cash Robots:
Same game as above, but with robots. More robots you have, more energy can be produced. You can collect daily bonus.

House Money:
Same game but with houses. You can buy houses and collect their rents. More houses = higher profit. You can collect daily bonus.

DOGE Click Bot:
Yes, it's not BTC, but with this bot you can easily earn Dogecoin. You have to visit pages (telegram and web), or join in channels.

LTC Click Bot:
Same bot as above, but with Litecoin.

ETH Miner:
Free ETH Miner, no deposit necessary. But you can upgrade your account for mining faster.

Bitcoin Hourly:
Same as above, but with Bitcoin. You receive 1% profit hourly. No deposit necessary, but with upgrade you can earn more (1% of deposit amount, free user receive an initial deposit for free, but low).

Ethereum Hourly:
Same as above, but with ETH.

Bitcoin For Free:
You can receive daily 2 tickets. You can reach very fast the minimal amount for the withdraw.
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