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Altcoinstalks Promotion Service offer

Postby Cordillerabit » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:07 am

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Our offer:

Free: We promote your ICO/token to our community > In exchange we take an amount of tokens/coins, the amount is negotiated.
1. Promoted Airdrop: We launch an airdrop on their behalf with our official promoter account, costs amount of tokens +0.2eth for costs
2. Small Promotion: We launch a promotion/airdrop and we promote it on the web and through partners, costs amount of tokens + 1 to 8 eth > based on different criteria, negotiated

Totally FREE:
Every token or ICO can have their verified account + can post an ANN / Bounty / Airdrop, totally free without even giving us any token, they just need to verify their identity. Meaning they post their ANN/ Bounty then tweet it from official account.

We can offer the tokens/coins a subsection in our forum in the new coins / established coins subforum.
Bigger partners can get a featured subsection.

if interested Please pm me your email and I give you the contact detail for promotion

Best regards
Cordillerabit Global Mod of altcoinstalks

Feel free to use my ref link if you want :
None Ref:
btc address: 1FVU5xt5bn6n5VYzhv9WdN85VYdwV9mXEj
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