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I wanted to share all my experiences with you guys about earning coins for free. Most of them maybe known by everyone but hope some infos could help the people who is new or don't know some sites yet.
Before start the article wanted share first of all some security programs links that can be usefull to surfing all around these websites. especially surfing between PTC (pay to click) sites you would see some troubles. Of course there are a lot of this kind of security programs that you may use it is up to you. I choiced some of the options that i use generally.

1- First of all one of the best free antivirus program AVAST
--- https://www.avast.com/en-us/index#pc ---

2- While surfing your computer will be full of cookies unwanted temp files etc.. when you finish your work or time to time you may clean your computer with that program. Don't worry it doesn't delete saved usernames and passwords of your websites. CCLEANER
--- https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner ---

3- Sometimes some kind of malware or spyware that antivirus can miss. So for this kind of situations you may download Combofix and spybot search and destroy. COMBOFIX and SPYBOT
--- https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/combofix/ ---
--- https://www.safer-networking.org/dl/ ---

4- And last of all some new type of mining trojans that they use your cpu without your knowledge and even sometimes stealing from your computer some important infos like your wallet backups and datas. for 30 days free trial i tried this program and it was succesfull against one of this trojans UNHACK ME
--- https://www.greatis.com/unhackme/ ---

*** after all this security stuff i want to say something about signing up to all these web sites. Before start to this work better don't use your main email address or some personal informations. I opened some gmail accounts just for these web sites. And Before entering all these faucet sites i decide some security degree according to web site safeness. for trustable sites i use one gmail account and password, for some risky sites other gmail and pass, for the potentially scam sites use anoter mail and pass.

*** And to enter all this sites systematically from my browser i created files to favourite part like faucethub sites, PTC sites, Mining games, Coinpot Faucets, Wallets, Scams, Stockexchanges, Calculators etc... At he begining i was not expecting everything would become so mixed and that much i would enter all these websites. After some time i saw that to arrange all this web sites for yourself and entering according to prioritization made my work much more easier and i saw that i really started to earn some money. And i even divided PTC sites as a groups accroding to their code language.
Especially for PTC sites if you make group to open together you work easy on them i will expalin how at the PTC part.

3- Faucethub Microwallet: --- http://faucethub.io/r/29639611 ---
One of te best and legit microwallet site. Inside of there there are a lot of option to do. Like mining, gambling or claimin different coins from thousands of faucets web sites mostly instantly pay to here. I use here with some good sites directly pays to here. From here to binance type of coinexchange sites.

4- PTC (paid to click) sites: these sites work as sign up and click advertisements on the sites. Then they give mostly satoshi or which coin they support. Some sites work like you need to stay to opened page some work like when you click timer counts itself don't need to stay on page. Because of that better to open them 3-4 groups at the same time. One of them need to stay on page type others just click and go till counter ends.

* --- https://ref.adbtc.top/942116 --- one of the best ptc site for now. I got payments from here. It works when you click start button of ads. you don't need to stay on page it counter counts itself and say on page tab when finished. then click page it changes to other ads. Makes payment to BTC account directly or faucethub too. min. withdraw is 5000 satoshi
* --- https://coinbulb.com/?r=dienekes --- gives daily bonus when you enter and click from daily bonus part. daily 10 ads. around 150-200 mBTC totally. Need to look till counter ends. Seems legit but did not receive payment yet. Min. withdraw is 0.1 mBTC
* --- http://clixsatoshi.com/ref/dienekes --- One of the good and legit site. daily gives around 300 satoshi just from ads. there are some point system to exchange plus offerwall to check. Need to look till counter ends. Min withdraw is 12000 satoshi
* --- https://btcclicks.com/?r=dbe25f15 --- almost same like coinbulb. min withdraw is 0.1 mBTC (10000 satoshi)
* --- http://btcvic.com/r/0a47a111ace6e07bdbab --- same type like coinbulb. min withdraw is 10000 satoshi
* --- http://www.world-of-bitcoin.com/?refid= ... 7191efb0f7 --- coinbulb type again. min withdraw is 10000 satoshi to faucethub account
* --- http://www.clixco.in/r/QGZAW2PNMZ --- same like adbtc type click and dont need to watch at end of counter you need to click verify button. daily more then 500-600 satoshi you can take. Min. withdraw is 20000 satoshi.
* --- http://bitverts.io/?r=99816 --- one of the best and legit site. I got payment form here too. According to ads. part you may earn btc, ltc, eth, btccash. There are three type of area PTC, videos, and offerwall. free spin wheel ticket lottery etc.. and online chat system.
* --- http://www.dogeclix.com/splash.php?ref=33566 --- i am new on this site too gives dogecoin for ads. and min. withdraw is 2 doge. Probably it pays.
* ---http://www.bitco.world/?ref=540C1F0A457A684D849DA74C9C16F795 --- another legit site. there are a lot of way to get point from earn section and game section. After earning points u can exchange them to btc and withdraw. Min witdraw is 150000 staoshi
* --- http://www.familybtc.com/?ref=dienekes --- works like above bitco.world. But gives btc and point together. Min withdraw is 30000 satoshi
* --- https://bitcoinad.pro/?ref=dienekes --- this site is almost same like above.Min withdraw is 10000 staoshi
* --- https://bitptc.io/ref/dienekes --- similar site like cliaxsatoshi. smallest withdraw site min. 100 staoshi.
* --- https://www.bitsvisit.com/?ref=dienekes --- click and counter type site. Min withdraw is 10000 satoshi.
* --- https://www.earncrypto.com/earn-free-bitcoin/?r=218955 --- one of the best and legit. I got payment for there. Especially from earning part you should make data entry job and some other small job time to time it appers. after few days they pay. Data entry next day.there are a lot option to get coin from there too. and there are a lot of cryptocoins there you need to choice main coin then payments come as like that.

5- Gaming Sites:
* --- https://cryptomininggame.com/?ref=f437a4fb0dc4 --- In this game trying to level up and gaining haspower to mine btc,doge and ltc. Legit site. If you complete min withdrawals it pays to your faucethub account
* --- http://starcoins.ws/r/7979 --- Another legit site that pays to faucethub. When first enter the game try to get deuterium to buy a new ship to make jobs and earn darm matter for coins. Build crystal and energy mines too. you may arrange yourself autofaucet according to your minerals from explore the planet section.
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