SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchanger.

Any form or currency to any other form of currency.
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SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchanger.

Postby SIGEN » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:03 pm

SIGEN is a platform for trading cryptocurrency for any fiat currency in the world. Our name is derived from two words: SIGma + ENergy. Sigma (Σ) is the name of a Greek symbol that signifies knowledge. Energy is associated with vitality and constant movement forward.

Our platform gives you 3 options all in one place:

- Trade on an exchange. Trade cryptocurrency with others and earn money on fluctuations in the exchange rate. We charge a minimum fee and allow you to withdraw the cryptocurrency automatically and without any delays
- Buy/sell cryptocurrency for fiat money on our P2P platform. Your transactions are protected by ESCROW and Social Trust Scoring. You can use various currencies and payment systems.
- Exchange currency rapidly in 1 click without signing up. Use our exchanger to buy/sell cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate without bothering with trades.

In addition to minimal fees, safety, convenient and fast transactions, and automatic withdrawals, you will find online 24/7 support, the ability to create orders with multiple offers, a double affiliate program, and much more.

SIGEN is next-generation cryptocurrency trading!

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Re: SIGEN is a cryptocurrency trading platform. Exchanger.

Postby SIGEN » Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:57 pm

PRIZM (PZM) - now on SIGEN!

Dear friends, we've got great news for you - a new cryptocurrency has been listed to be traded on our exchange, P2P platform and instant exchanger. The SIGEN platform has added PRIZM (PZM) to its portfolio. This cryptocurrency has a fast-growing audience and unique features.

PRIZM's Features and Advantages:

- Rapid transactions. Block generation in the PRIZM network takes only 59 seconds. It's a lot faster than for most other cryptocurrencies.
- Fixed fee - 0.5% of the transfer amount, but no more than 10 PZM. While other tokens use a floating fee for all transactions, in the PRIZM network the fee is fixed on the level of 0.5% of the transfer amount. However, once the fee reaches 10 PZM, it’s fixed on this level and does not grow regardless of the transaction size. In other words, even if you make a transfer of 10,000,000 PZM, you’ll still be charged with a fee of 10 PZM.
- Paramining Based on Proof-of-Stake. This is a unique and easy way to mine new coins developed specifically for PRIZM. Paramining does not require powerful computers, and the reward depends on the account balance. The more coins a miner owns, the bigger the reward is. To start paramining, you only need to transfer tokens to your account, and coin mining will start automatically. All you will have left to do is watch your account balance grow continuously.
- Partnership Program. Paramining also allows you to get a reward for bringing in new users which is not an option with other cryptocurrencies. If you build your own structure, your reward for paramining will rise. The more tokens your referrals own, the bigger your reward will be.

More about PRIZM (PZM) -
Start trading now! -

P. S. Please note that we have no fees charged for cryptocurrency deposits/withdrawals while the transaction fee is just 0.1%.
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