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Postby Cordillerabit » Wed Mar 21, 2018 1:09 pm


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Are you tired of being banned at forum? Does your forum gives you profits everytime you post? No! Precisely! Altcoinstalks forum gives a lot of opportunities for you to earn online. It is the first of it’s kind forum which distributes tokens collected from ICO’s that are promoted in their forum. was established on October 17, 2017 and currently running for just 5 months. Even though the forum was established just last year, It already gave profits to it’s members. As a fellow crypto enthusiasts I would greatly suggest you to join this forum while it is still developing some of it’s features.

These are the reasons why Altcoinstalks forum is more advance and more profitable against all other cryptocurrency forum.

Recieving Tokens and ALTS. It gives users a portion of tokens they received from ICOs that were advertised and promoted in their forum. If you are an active member of the forum you will surely recieve some tokens that were collected by the forum. The numbers of tokens recieved is based on the rank of a members have. If you have higher rank surely you will recieve much bigger amount of tokens than those members who has lower rank than you. The money they collect goes almost entirely to supporting their community, marketing the forum and paying for various jobs related to the activity of their forum.

The forum has it’s own token “ALTS” which will be obtain by posting. The forum has a point system to calculate the number of ALTS tokens earned by every user as well as Karma for those who are spammers and those who abuses the forum. Forum rank is based on the number of posts a user had. Newbie members can achieve up to hero members regardless of their bad karma.


Karma: Thank/Punish. Altcoinstalks forum has a unique feature which other forums doesn’t have. This is the Karma feature. Karma allows users to thank or punish their co-member if they did something. Wether good or bad. Thank or giving a positive karma give users a power to thank someone on the forum if they did informative or interesting topic or question. Punish allows users to give negative karma -1 to their co-member of the forum if they posts malicious, non-sencial, or vulgar topic. It can also be used if a member posts his/her referral link to the wrong section. Referral links has it’s own section. If a user got -1 karma it is equivalent to -100 to his/her points.



Royalty and Patrons. Like BCT, Altcoins Talks has it’s donation options to support the forum and in return effectively buy your own status as Royalty or a Patron. While it may seem strange to some why members would consider this, it’s worth remembering that in 2011 the cost of being an official “Donator” on Bitcoin Talk was between $20 and $300, or otherwise $200 to $1,500 as a VIP. This was during Bitcoin’s volatile entrance into online cryptocurrency trading.

While that might sound like a lot at the time, the cost as of writing is now around $100k, or nearly half a million for VIP status, as notably the BTC price has remained the same since August 2011. You can probably see where I’m going with this.

You’ll be pleased to know that by comparison the current donation requirements for acquiring Patron and Royalty on Altcoins Talks are 0.04 and 0.1 ETH, which as of writing is approximately only $35 or a minimum of $80 for full Royalty.




On the face of it, Altcoins Talks appears to meet the needs and desires of the average crypto-forum user, plus extra. But only time will tell whether this community model will flourish in popularity and consequently increase the value of ALTS. In some ways, this reward model very much reminds me of Steemit and the value of STEEM.

With the price unlikely to be lowered overtime, it’s worth considering that a donation to receive Patron or Royalty status is not just an investment in the forum and it’s token bonus’, but also in altcoin leader Ethereum, if this is how you chose to acquire the status.

In my opinion it’s not too different from investing in Bitcoin Talk with Bitcoins 7 years ago, if BCT were to offer it’s donators bonus’ and if it was a lot cheaper. This isn’t to say that Altcoins Talks will become as popular as Bitcoin Talk, but that it could be an opportunity to “get in early before it’s too late” and the price becomes unreasonable, fomo aside.

Alternatively, you’re not limited to Ethereum, any members holding more than 1,000 SPARTA as well as other influencers also qualify as Royalty. Or if that’s not enough, you can get a subscription to an immortals group for regular payment.


Referrals. As of now, Altcoinstalks forum has a referral program that allows it’s member to earn ALTS by referring someone to their forum. You can avail their referral program to earn some ALTS.

No merits required! Altcoinstalks forum doesn’t require merits to proceed to the next rank, thus allows each members to rank their accounts faster than that of forum.

Like This forum will surpass all other cryptocurrency forum next few years. So, if I were you, better sign up now while it’s still easy to rank up and before it’s too late! It is easy to rank your accounts up as of now! This forum has a big possibility to reign against all other cryptocurrency forum. Join their forum and help them grow their community.






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