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Choose and buy of real wood floor

Postby qizhen0809 » Tue May 16, 2017 3:38 am

As the promotion of economic standard, the consumptive idea of people also begins to produce change, with respect to building materials - for the floor, the function of comfortable, healthy environmental protection that more and more consumer begin to pay attention to a floor, real wood floor became the masses anthology. Long fill a floor to remind each owner:Choose and buy of real wood floor Write down 5 small doohickey sincerely.

Doohickey one, choose moisture content to want attentive. The moisture content of real wood floor should be in 7% to place between average moisture content, if this index is unqualified, will bring about wooden floor in use to appear easily be out of shape, warp, have wriggle through the earth or leave seam wait for a phenomenon.

Doohickey 2, choose norms dimension to want attentive. From stability for, wooden floor dimension heals small, fight be out of shape had healed, the choice slants short, slant narrow real wood floor, its deflection is relatively small, can reduce real wood floor board curved, arch, crack, shrink wait for a phenomenon.

Doohickey 3, examination mark, pack, ask for shopping proof to want attentive. The mark should include name of manufacturer name, the site of factory, phone, lumber (the tree is planted) , grade, norms, lubricious date, amount, acceptance label, executive standard, pack should in good condition without damaged. The attention saves the bill, box that pack, the tree should be made clear to plant on bill, grade, norms, lubricious date, amount, area. Best can sign an agreement with operator, make clear the detailed circumstance of wooden floor and responsibility of breach of contract.

Doohickey 4, want when resolution instinctive quality, long color and chromatic wooden floor attentive. Those color are done very greatly, so that Mu Wen is very ambiguous wooden floor is the inferior material that uses opposite petty gain normally, through spending the product that chromatic method produces again, through curiuming cross section can be differentiated.

Doohickey 5, when the shop is installed, want attentive. Choose 10 above Wooden floor Go all out in across of level off tool reference plane install, look go all out outfit from seam and spell outfit height difference is apparent. Who sells in principle whose laid, lest appear after quality problem, manufacturer and construction group mutual buck-passing.
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