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aggrandizement floor differentiates common sense

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu May 11, 2017 5:32 am

Aggrandizement is compound floor market is hot, there is no lack of among them fake floor, they are playing the banner that imports a brand, consumer is this vexed unceasingly. Network of Chinese wood floor is small make up warn broad customer, rise as what floor of our country aggrandizement produces technical standard, homebred aggrandizement floor also is worth reliance. In the meantime, if have,buy an import Floor brand, be about witting how to go differentiating entrance aggrandizement floor.

Differentiate entrance floor no more than to carry the price, import customs declaration, pack wait for a respect. Above all, entrance product is in included production freight of cost, short distance, long-distance (marine) after profit of business of cost of freight, custom duty, storage, production, agent profit, retail cost, its are pure floor price is different. Because floor of every square metre hefts 7 to reach 7.5 kilograms, its freight cost holds its totle drilling cost quite specific gravity, under photograph comparing, of custom duty 10 come the dot is gotten less much. It is to examine its to whether have entrance customs declaration next, the unit on customs declaration, product, price whether conform to. Pack through the product again will differentiate. Its package normal entrance product the label is more normative, the factory name that has Chinese is full name, real the site of factory, phone, indicate item category, category. Consumer is deceived to prevent, the telephone number that can mark by place undertakes checking.

Actually, compound floor enters aggrandizement China comes nearly 10 years, manufacturing technology of home and craft level advance rapidly, be not former times comparing today. Partial manufacturer has reached world advanced level, resemble industry of timber of Fujian blessing person limited company, the floor board of blessing person that its produce, export aggrandizement the Europe of —— of country of origin of compound floor. Have real entrance product quite, the product sex price that domestic big plant produces is compared taller, after service is rapidder, more overall. This also is partial brand, the elephant that be like emperor, luck fine, grand be able to bear or endure wait to set the factory, main reason that purchase in home in succession.
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