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Full Member with Good Post Quality

Postby bugmenot » Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:30 am


For sale is a bitcointalk.org forum account. Including private key for a posted bitcoin address. And including a membership in a closed (no new members allowed) signature campaign.

The account is only 44 potential activity points away from being a sr. member.

It's a money making business too since you can earn the minimum bid in two weeks already when you bought this account and post quality posts. Quick turnaround for your investment.

If you want to join another signature campaign, that is not full already, then this would be no problem with the post quality too.

First some technical details:

Position: Full Member
Activity: around 120+
Potential Activity: 196 (That is only 44 activity points away from a sr. member.)
Posts: around 120+
Registered: 2014


No trust rating at all, no negative, no untrusted feedback.
No scam accusations.
No open loans.
No campaign bans.
No forum bans that i could have found.
I did not find the account involved in anything controversial.
Signed message stating the seller sold to the buyer. The private key of the address that the message was signed with is sold too. You can create your own verifications then. As if you are the original owner.


The account has a postquality of grade A to A+. Most posts are done in Bitcoin Discussion Subforum.
The account is already in a relatively good signature campaign that can't be joined anymore because it's full.
Avatar is possible
Signed message that proofs the ownership of buyer.
Of course, because you get the private key for the address, you dont need to change the signature campaign address since the campaign is using the same address. Obviously that is up to you since it would be not only you who can access funds in that address.

Red Trust Prevention

Since you know, some members give sold accounts negative once they know it was sold. In order to protect the buyer i did some precautions:

I negotiated with the seller that he doesnt change the password and i dont change the password either. The buyer can take up to 4 weeks to change the password. This prevents the red message, stating that the password was changed, that appears in trust area AND in security log of the forum. So its very hard to find out which account was sold. I can either hold the funds until buyer changes the password, or, since the buyer got the private key, he can always proof that he owns the account.
I wont tell the account name to interested buyers nor will i show the account to anyone but the buyer that has paid the price for the account at the end. I asked the seller to do the same too.

Who shouldnt bid?

Anyone who cant write english properly or doesnt know what it means to post constructive posts. No spammers obviously too. It simply would be a waste to burn that account with that technique.

Starting bid:

0.05 BTC

Minimum Bid Increment: 0.0025 BTC

Everyone bidding with an account less than a member has to show me a signed message with an address holding at least the amount he bid. See: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=990345

Buy it now:

0.15 BTC

End date and time:

The Auction ends September 17th 15:00 UTC.
But auction extends 2 days after the last bet was done. If in 48 hours no new bid comes in then the last bid wins. Minimum Bid Increment will prevent misuse.
Buy it now ends the auction instantly when the buyer paid.

Payment methods accepted:


Happy bidding! Smiley
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