$6 TRILLION worlds biggest investment powered by Bitcoin

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$6 TRILLION worlds biggest investment powered by Bitcoin

Postby blazepower » Mon Sep 12, 2016 10:22 am

Kindly I address everybody and sincerely this is not intended as spam or self promoting or a scam but a sincere invitation to all and my passion like all free minded individuals like a lot of you no doubt learned & clearly enlightened individuals here to share with those that believe in the same ideals. I am CEO of Blaze Power Corporation. My company is here http://www.blaze-power.eu my company has come under great pressure for what we have invented by certain agents that are also responsible for a lot of Russia's problems today we have seen it all freezing of bank accounts, server sabotage etc but we have stood by the truth and justice for our clients many of them Russian and Chinese as well as Germany who have a big drive toward eradication of Nuclear danger. We have created a revolutionary new way to create power without nuclear waste or hot fission radioactive reaction. We have invented reactive power reactor (see the website) worth trillions of EUR/GBP/USD whichever you prefer. We have also joined with a offshore investment bank https://www.bitcoin-bank.trade to raise awareness and allow others to invest in the future of Green Energy, privacy which are all under threat. Checkout both websites and have an open mind. Spread the word and let us make a difference. They have killed many inventors of similar technology in the past but we have been their greatest challenge yet. We are the reason they shutdown Liberty Reserve. See all the evidence on the website (Visit About Us then click the link to the Blaze Power public awareness website and see how the U.S government stole $2million from us). Visit YouTube and keyword FUKUSHIMA danger 2016. You are not safe as long as Nuclear reactors still exist. They are experimenting with stupid technology replicating stars in a chamber by focusing 500MW consuming lasers onto deadly radioactive hybrid elements to create plasma level and even higher millions of degrees of heat containable only by electromagnets which can fail & suck the entire world into a black hole all this just to boil water (which only requires 100°C+ by the way) to generate thermal power by steam. This will be ready in the year 2026? We have better tech ready today! Blaze Power has developed a Terra Watt reactor capable of generating a TW of power (Thats enough to power the entire U.S power grid) or more if required with little or no heat and absolutely no gamma or radioactive material. We get power from the reaction itself NOT bi-products. They are wasting billions on projects like ITER which could possibly destroy the world trying to accomplish what we have accomplished and better
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