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New list of good faucets.

Postby Shanti » Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:17 pm

Hi there!

I wanted to introduce you my blog.

I am explaining there, what a faucet is and I recommend the best ones I found till now. Most faucets are pretty bad, that's why I decided to search for the good ones and recommend them to you on my blog. I also started to make a post about the faucets, I am currently testing. But sadly, most of them pay too less for the time they need to claim (shortlinks, popups, annoying captchas etc.).
I always try to keep the list up to date, if you think something sounds fishy there, just send me a message here, I will delete them from my list.
If you have any questions about getting started with faucets like "What is coinpot" or if you need help setting up a faucethub.io account, feel free to ask for my help!

Also, if you have any critic for my site at all, I would be very pleased if you could give me some critic, thanks :-)
I wish you a good day! Hopefully, we will see us again in one of the threads here :-)
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