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Really Paying Telegram Botz

Postby changom » Sun Feb 18, 2018 3:05 pm

Telegram has a lot of such faucet bots. From some of these you can withdraw without making any investment at all. Some require investment. Below I am giving links to bots from which I have actually received payments

Dino Park : It is quite old one and continues to pay. I have not invested in it. However, only one of my referrals invested 0.001 btc. With the trickle down effect I have received 0.008 till now.

Bitcoin Banking: Upon joining they give joining bonus. This earns daily profit. If you invest or get some referrals, the interest income increases. I did not invest anything, yet reached payout

Bitcoin Mining: Like the above you can earn with the starting bonus. But it is not as simple as daily interest. You get GPUs with the starting bonus. These GPUs mine satoshis with which either more GPUs can be purchased or can be accumulated for withdrawal. Upon investment, you can get high end GPUs which get you to payout faster. I have invested 0.001 btc here which has been recovered

Crypto Trading: This one has no startup bonus. So requires investment. I invested 0.001 and am near to withdrawing the same amount as profit while investment remains intact. Several other members have withdrawn successfully.

Will post more after their genuinity is confirmed when I myself receive payment :-)
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