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Need website traffic? Ad Media

Postby toutrix » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:13 pm

Hey all,

We at TouTrix Ad Media have a lot of traffic to offer. We do have any kind of traffic particularly adult traffic, bitcoin related traffic, mainstream, faucets, online games and even health related traffic. if you need some, we sure can provide them for ya to reach out your potential clients. And earnings for our publishers too. We pay hourly to our publishers by the way through bitcoin and paxum.

What makes us different from other adnetwork is that
- we do have an open market platform for which users can check out the list of publishers we have.
- advertisers can target both channels such as bitcoin and adult traffic together.
- and can also target specific audience by country and mobile carrier.

open market

We have volume of traffic and we don't require minimum deposit from our advertisers so you can test our network for few bucks to see how worth our traffic are. And I can guarantee, we do our best to provide quality traffic that converts sale. If you want leads, signups, referrals and conversions, we recommend you to add productive targeting in your campaigns targets. Productive target (zone) will make your ads shown on very trusted sites with historic leads and we have more publishers and advertisers in this category.

I'd be happy to assist you and if you need to learn more about us, let me know or you can chat with me on skype. My account is toutrixann.

Toutrix Ad Media
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Re: Need website traffic? Ad Media

Postby Squall1066 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:41 pm

very intresting, but I am afraid i found your site very hard to navigate, and you cookie policy is 404.

it looks like so may different aspects on one web site, have a main page and a nav bar for navigation, I was interested in some traffic, as you know I need it :-)
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Re: Need website traffic? Ad Media

Postby Tally » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:33 pm

I believe that natural traffic is the best. In addition to visiting your site, you must also keep the visitor on the site. For this, the quality content is very important. I have an online store. I often update the product description (I use ebay web scraper ) It's very important to have good interesting content on the site.
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