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Postby jairo001 » Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:51 pm

I was commissioned to write an articles by a publishing company for their new invoices which has been launched.. After agreeing on a price, researching the articles, doing the work and sending it over to them, the editor then informed was leaving and to follow it up with the new editor.I have now been chasing up this work for several months, with no results – people keep failing to get back to me, emails are ignored etc. I am thinking my next step is to just invoice the company. It is criminal that they can commission me this work which took me time, effort and money then just disappear. It is a large company too. What would you say the best course of action is? Create your own invoice and Send Invoices with Billiving is simple and intuitive. You get unlimited invoicing free for up to 5 clients, forever.. The more you can learn about it here
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