KLYEMAX - Now accepting mod applications!

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KLYEMAX - Now accepting mod applications!

Postby KLYE » Tue May 03, 2016 4:52 pm


Now accepting applications for dedicated moderators!
Apply for our moderator team today, Land the perks
12 / 12 spots are available, Applications accepted till May 15th.

Ever wanted to help moderate an 18+ live cam community Are you interested in helping keep KLYEMAX users safe?

All moderators that apply MUST be 18+ and be willing to verify their identity, as well as agree to what is listed below.

What is a KLYEMAX Moderator's Job?

The internet can be a wild and unpredictable place. KLYEMAX is no exception to this.

While the site doesn't have a hell of a lot of rules in regards to what users can stream, the ones in place are there for legal/safety reasons.
As a moderator it is your duty to keep the site safe for viewers and streamers alike by monitoring the live feeds and making sure all is well.
The rules on what is allowed to be broadcast on KLYEMAX are simple: NO minors, NO Childporn, NO Beastality, NO scenes depicting Rape.
Any stream breaking the rules above must be immediately disconnected from our servers and have their IP taken down and myself notified.
The aim of this hiring wave is to get eyes on the live streams at all times once more users start streaming and the site gains popularity.
Hopefully we can do this without enforcing any sort schedule, hiring just enough mods with enough interest in their new role to keep things safe.

What exactly are the Perks?

Moderators on KLYEMAX get access to behind the scenes of the site, allowing them to view all users currently connected on our server.
With this ability mods can secretly watch all streams, regardless of private or hidden status without the user streaming being aware of it.
In addition to being able to spy on all streams, mods incur no costs or fees to their account while accessing users streams via the mod page.
Basically you're set to watch as much streams while incurring no costs to do so on site, While protecting others users from seeing horrors.
You'll also be granted moderator privileges over the newly implemented/being built forum & trollbox and can help oversee them if you choose.
Optionally if you wish to take on a support role it could be set up that you have access to the live support chat backend, however not required.

This is sort of the ultimate package for the noble voyeur type, unrestricted free access to all streams on KLYEMAX while keeping users safe!
Not only do you get a great amount of insider access to the site, but you're helping with the the development and running of the site.

When can I start?

Although http://KLYEMAX.COM is currently up and running in online beta tons of stuff that needs to be built, implemented & tested.
We're hoping for a full site launch for the end of this month but as stated above have a fair amount of work left to do on the site.
Also, anyone accepted must be willing to provide legal identification, as well as provide a non-refundable security deposit.
The identification is to ensure that you're of legal age to view the site, the security deposit is to weed out potential mod abuse.
Funds will be used to buy the license needed for our streaming server, refund remaining shares and get server upgrades.
We also figure moderators may take their job more serious as well as be less likely to abuse privileges if they bought into them.
The aim is for a launch at the end of this month, Although if selected to join the mod team you can start as soon as you like.

What are the moderator rules?

Moderators under no circumstance may use sensitive data obtained via their position to ID, harass, harm or do wrong to our users.
You must not interfere with streaming or viewers in any way, shape or form, Unless the stream is breaking our broadcasting rules.
Abuse of account moderation privileges will result in immediate loss of mod status and may result in your account being permanently banned.
With power comes responsibility, And our moderator's are privy to information most users are not, and should respect user confidentiality.
There is 0 tolerance allowed for mods to abuse their given privileges, please don't be "that guy" and mess things up for yourself and others.

Is their a chance for job promotion or wage?

Short answer, Yes.

Long answer: The site is still very much in development and their are tons of planned features left to be implemented before our full launch.
If a moderation team member excels with helping keep the site safe and "clean" and wishes to take on more tasks it will be considered.
Currently all development, support and moderation is being done actively by 1 person (myself), any honest help would be greatly appreciated.
As the site grows and profits follow, moderators will receive a monthly paycheck in BTC credited to their account based off of performance.
This is still likely a few months down the road, Until the site is running in profits I can't offer any compensation for the moderator team.

How can I apply?

If you've read everything above and are interested in joining our mod team please feel free to comment below or PM if you wish to remain anon.
Anyone 18+ (with ID) is welcome apply, those selected for and passing the interview process will pay the non-refundable security deposit of 0.5[btc].
It's acknowledged that some members of the forum wish to remain anonymous given the adult nature of this, please do not hesitate to PM me.
Confidentiality is taken seriously in this process and your identity will not be shared with any person, organization or entity for any reason.

We would like to thank everyone who applies but only those considered to advance to the interview round will be contacted via PM.
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Re: KLYEMAX - Now accepting mod applications!

Postby ddosbtc » Thu May 05, 2016 5:29 am

Its nice to see you as a mod here, KLYEMAX , Hope you will enjoy here.
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Re: KLYEMAX - Now accepting mod applications!

Postby KLYE » Thu May 05, 2016 5:50 am

ddosbtc wrote:Its nice to see you as a mod here, KLYEMAX , Hope you will enjoy here.

Thanks for the warm welcome sir. Glad to be here.
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Re: KLYEMAX - Now accepting mod applications!

Postby Pestilence » Fri May 06, 2016 11:52 pm

Do you have a set of preliminary interview questions that can sent to you prior to further discussion? It would help weed some individuals out, as well as ultimately save you time.
Even a question regarding previous experience would be helpful, as well as requesting a link to other forum account postings regarding quality in general. That way you have an idea about the individual before even bothering with them.
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