How to clean you WordPress Database?

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How to clean you WordPress Database?

Postby jairo001 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:44 am

Hello dear members, I hope that you are well.
In this post, I will address a topic that is very important for WordPress bloggers. It concerns cleaning up their WordPress databases.
Why you should clean up your WordPress Database?
If your WordPress site has been around for longer than a few months, then you should think absolutely about a clean up. Indeed, your database may be full of garbage that make your site sluggish and bloated and affect the loading time of you site, and as you know, every additional second your site takes to load, your page abandon rate rises. We hate waiting for pages to load ;)
Advantages of cleaning up your WordPress Database
Cleaning up all unnecessary/orphan items in your WordPress database has many advantages, such as:
• Reducing the size of your database.
• Improving efficiency when accessing tables.
• Your site will load faster than before.
• Your backup files will be quicker and smaller.
Many plugins are available!
There are several WordPress plugins that help you identifying the items you should clean and help you also cleaning them. However, you should choose carefully what plugin to use for the clean up in order to not break your site. As you know, there are plenty of bad coded plugins ;)

What Plugin to choose for the clean up?
I have so far tried many plugins to clean up my WordPress databases such as WP Clean Up, WP-Optimize, WP-Sweep, etc. They all worked to an extent, but there was always some drawbacks such as: the plugin has not been updated for months or years, or the author does not respond to queries, or there were some missing features, or some users had made bad reviews and had problems using the plugin, etc. Until I found and tested the 'Advanced Database Cleaner' plugin, which is for me the best and I recommend it for you too.

About “Advanced Database Cleaner” plugin

'Advanced Database Cleaner' by 'Younes JFR.' is an easy to use and effective database cleaner for WordPress installations. Capable of removing all your spam, old revisions, trash, post meta data, transient data, etc. in seconds while optimizing your tables and reducing the size of the whole database significantly. It has many useful features such as the automation of clean up and optimization, one you are relieved to set and forget. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, etc. It is the only plugin that worked for me without any issues and provides the best free features. Moreover, it is well supported by its author, updated regularly, and has 100% positive reviews.
Additionally, it has also a pro version that comes with advanced features such as detecting orphan options, orphan tables, orphan scheduled tasks, etc. These pro features are not available in any other plugin in the market!
You can download the 'Advanced Database Cleaner' plugin from at:
After installing the plugin, you will get a one interface with several tabs. You can then choose what orphan elements to clean.
Here are some useful links:
Plugin home page:
Screenshots: ... creenshots
Users reviews: ... se-cleaner
FAQ: ... leaner/faq
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Re: How to clean you WordPress Database?

Postby Tally » Sun May 21, 2017 7:02 pm

Perhaps you should turn to professionals? I know that these guys are creating applications and programs. I think they can help you. I do not know what their prices are, but I know that they are doing their job well. My friend ordered from them an application for android. I hope this post will be useful to you ...
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