This summer little Thomas was traded

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This summer little Thomas was traded

Postby marcuslucas » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:33 am

This summer little Thomas was traded to the Cavaliers Celtics, he said in an interview today, there is love for Boston, but the Celtics general manager of Anji probably not so different story. "Boston will still always have my love," Little Thomas said, "I could never talk to Angie and I and everyone else will be dialogue, but Angelina, I'm afraid not. He knows what I all through, he still do it, you really should not do this, man. this is so wrong. I am not condemning you, but I want to say that a similar situation of each team, after the transaction 1 , 2 years will say, 'we made a mistake.' words but also our future will say. "

Angelina has previously said that the reason Thomas small transaction, but also because of his hip injury and the next year he became a free agent in the summer of uncertainty, but Thomas was very little confusion. "This is not a be both plausible and" Little Thomas said, "It does not make sense ah, I still still asking, 'in the end his X 's how is it? What happened in the end?' This deal is you in NBA2K . where do the deal, this is not you in real life would do deals "and Angelina today responded to the small Thomas, he said:." you know, trade is our work in a part of the most difficult I know that things like this happen, there would be a lot of emotions in. I myself as a player was traded 2 times, so I understand.

But you all know I am a little more than love Thomas, he is a good boy, I wish him well. He will always be part of the Green Army history. "Angie said that since the notice small Thomas the transaction, he has not and little Thomas dialogue John Hannah Jersey, but he hope that the future can have the opportunity to re-open exchanges Nate Ebner Jersey, alliances to repair." This thing requires two people work hard, and obviously now little Thomas opinions are very , mood is still very great, "Ainge said the future of the green Army, little Thomas said:." the Celtics will be very good, they got a real good player, there is a truly outstanding coach, but success is needed beyond anything other than talent. They lost a lot of spiritual things, a lot of courage and will "
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