For the first 85 minutes conceded

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For the first 85 minutes conceded

Postby marcuslucas » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:30 am

For the first 85 minutes conceded, Zidane said: "I still need to analyze, I think this is the lack of concentration caused by the ball, but I will not complain and criticize what football sometimes is so difficult, you can not always. is to win by scoring the last minute. next, we will rest in preparation for next Tuesday's Champions League. "" we have a lot of opportunity, not a lack of a sense of hunger goal, we controlled the game, but failed to take all 3 points. of course, if you are a 2-0 lead, that would be another situation, I think the first 2 goals conceded, not a bit player, but of the whole team. we control the audience, and finally put an end to negligence but good Bureau, football is so cruel sometimes. "Zidane said.

Time 9 Yue 24- night Amara Darboh Jersey, Bundesliga 5 Lun round started. With Hernandez's hat-trick away to Bayer Leverkusen 3-2 reversal of lore Mainz. Borussia Monchengladbach at home 2-0 victory over Ingolstadt, Frankfurt and Hertha Berlin scored the final battle 3-3 to shake hands, Augsburg at home 1-0 victory over Darmstadt. Vice squad Werder Bremen at home 2-1 after reverse against VfL Wolfsburg get first win of the season. Mainz 2-3 Bayer Leverkusen on 31 after minute,����ͼ����teammate Zhise ball right into the restricted area of the right post prequel, the Chan left unguarded Marle broke, 1 -0 . The first 32 minutes Leno after the field goal kick out, front US Yincihouwei headed siege not far, Alan Gisborne midfielder had the ball cross, the ball stopped after Hernandez Closed Road left foot Tuishe equalizer, 1-1 .

The first 35 minutes, and Mainz Lumaerle the right corner, Leverkusen restricted area spared from war Austin Davis Jersey, Bell defender in front of close Tongshe break, 2-1 . The first 66 Minutes later, the right long pass into the box Leverkusen, just off the bench Kiessling header ferry to Hernandez, which foot volley ball rubs back leg home team refracted into the network, 2-2 . Injury time 2 minutes and midfielder tower long pass into the restricted area, Kiessling jumped for a header but did not grab attracted US Yincihouwei defense, after the point unguarded Hernandez header at goal, 3 -2 , pharmaceutical companies and lore reversal of Mainz. M?nchengladbach 2-0 Ingolstadt section 42 is minute cross from the left is the front Gladbach Matip rescue, Shitingdeer front 14 meters left Tuishe 1-0 . The first 76 minutes pass in the left of Hood, Winter right foot low shot broke, 2-0 .
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