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HadesCoin - Identity mapping anonymity

Postby HadesCoin » Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:31 am


HadesCoin use the ERC233, which is a more secure, reliable, efficient, and convenient protocol template than ERC20
Hi, guys
Block Chain is a god and great technology invention, although there for almost ten years, but we never think it how to use the technology, not our technology does not pass, is a human too crazy. When great interests appear in front of you, are you dizzy, confused, or are you starting to lose yourself? This is the current situation of digital currency. All people are looking at the huge benefits of investing in bitcoin, and they don't really think seriously. What can the blockchain technology bring to humans? We don't want that, otherwise it's not like a puppy.
We want to change all this through hades coin, and it's time to say what we do.
One of the great things that we do is to make the online identity of all people online disappear.
Sounds incredible? Don't be surprised. Look at your hands shaking with the hamburger. LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!
We visit a large number of websites every day, and the site is visited by a large number of people. Our IP address is exposed, and the back end of the page can easily store all our IP, cook, computer ID and other private information. We are not safe, our privacy is only god can see, other people are not allowed.
Hades will change all that, through the underlying data docking transformation, along with your visit record, discrete your access information, through the neural network model for you disappear in the world of the Internet security... Well, I can't say too much. My cat is calling me and forgot to feed him the fish today.
Everything about hades will be spelled out in the white paper, have a cup of coffee, wait..

Airdrop Rule
Send 0 ether to contract address 0x7Ed172530F9822cd0573B895853E3f745f4108B4,Use GasLimit >100000
More Earning
Same address can only join once peer day.The maximum number of participants is 20 times.You can get 5000 tokens and increase 500 tokens peer day
As A Gift
There is NO ICO, no pre sale, no public sale, but we accept donations, and if you can help us develop faster or go to the exchange, the team will thank you very much.You can send the ether to contract address, you will get ether*5000000+5000 tokens,the ether must >0.001
Our airdrop has a game, you can join it .

For example
When you use the same address to send 0 eth to the address 0x7Ed172530F9822cd0573B895853E3f745f4108B4
First day , you can get 5000 COINS.
Next, you can get 5500 COINS
And the third day, you can get 6000 COINS.
On the twentieth day, you can get 14000 COINS
And total , you can get 180500 coins in one address

enjoy it !

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