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Be sure to know the bitcoin information

Postby housemap » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:43 am

You can make lifelong profit by asking us to mine the bitcoin.

You can invest minimum 0.001 bitcoin or maximum 25 bitcoin.
It will mine 2.74% of the invested bitcoin every day.
If more than 0.005 bitcoin is accumulated, it is sent to your own bitcoin wallet.
If you invest the bitcoin for 30 to 40 days, you will recover your invested bitcoin.
After that, you can receive your lifelong profits.

How to subscribe and to invest

1.Move to the web address: http://www.miningbot.io/en/affiliate/28634

2.Click the button “continue with web” below the button of “start with telegram”.

3. Click the button “register now.”

4. Copy the secret key created.
(You should remember the secret key, as it is the login id.)

5. Click the button “register now.”

6. Input the secret key you copied.

7. Click “invest” on the left menu.

8. Click bitcoin.

9. Send the money to invest to the bitcoin wallet address that is created. (You can send minimum 0.001 bitcoin or maximum 25 bitcoin.)

10. It will confirm the input of the investment and start mining in 30 minutes.

11. You can use the left menu of the dashboard.

12. You can check the bitcoin profit on the dashboard menu in real time. You can withdraw the money immediately on the withdrawal menu on the left.
(The minimum withdrawal: It should be more than 0.006 bitcoin.)

[Currently more than 18,000 people are using it in the world. It is the best way of making profits.]
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