Free 40 DigiEuro = 40€ Bonus from digieuro-altcoin

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Free 40 DigiEuro = 40€ Bonus from digieuro-altcoin

Postby bitcoinbroker » Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:26 pm

Get your free 40DEUR here
DigiEuro works just like BitCoin. It is a digital currency/asset and payment system, and you can send and receive payments using the

DigiEuro is fast and free.
DigiEuro is easy and anonymous.
DigiEuro is safe and is installed on your local computer.
You manage your assets on your computers.
You can receive or send payments in seconds.
You can distribute your balance on any number of wallets.
One DigiEuro has the purchasing power of one euro 1DigiEuro = €1.
Start now and get a free initial credit of 40D€
With the Affiliate System you can earn more DigiEuro. You get 40 DigiEuro 40€ for every new member you refer to DigiEuro.
Open a free account and claim your 40D€ Bonus. It's completely free and available in all countries.

Go to the link below and download your free wallet, the 40D€ Bonus will be added automatically. No registration required.

Go here: HERE
you can sell them here
1. Open a wallet
2. wait for 2H to 1 day , you'll get your free initial bonus which is 47 deuro
3. If you want to exchange
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Re: Free 40 DigiEuro = 40€ Bonus from digieuro-altcoin

Postby ddosbtc » Mon Jan 18, 2016 4:45 pm

I think The only trading Platform for Digieuro is
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