[ICO] CIBUS - global food platform on the blockchain

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[ICO] CIBUS - global food platform on the blockchain

Postby alterego087 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:40 pm


Everyone knows that the ecological situation in the world is not in the best condition now. That is why the interest in the "naturalness" of products only increases, and with it the supply market grows.
Every day hundreds of food stores, hundreds of online stores open. And to any person, as a consumer, it is very important to be sure that the product has good quality and at the same time was affordable. And it is important for manufacturers not to lose their brand and get a good profit. What are the challenges faced by manufacturers?
-information-savvy consumers, who demand low prices and high quality
-limitation of information on the origin of supplies
-guard yourself against counterfeits and counterfeit products
-unorganized supply chain
Therefore, in order that even small producers could enter the international market and a company
This company solves all these problems. The business model of this company is based on two platforms. Let's consider in more detail:

CIBUS is a unique decentralized ecosystem that can facilitate the process of fulfilling the order and will allow producers to join the social platform.

On the CIBUS Social platform you can:

    [li]post products for sale
    receive true and honest feedback from consumers
    offer them special products
    support new products and manufacturers[/li]
On the CIBUS platform, only manufacturers control the prices and range of products. The platform collects all orders and sends requests to manufacturers who supply products to distribution centers. Professional collectors in distribution centers collect orders and hand them over to couriers. Couriers deliver orders to consumers.

The main objective of the CIBUS platform is to create an efficient supply model to stimulate all participants of the platform using the blocking technology that is necessary to launch a decentralized ecosystem.

The first platform is aimed at four modules:

CIBUS Trace - in other words, the ability to track all food and additives at all steps of manufacturing, processing and distribution.
CIBUS cocial - a social platform that will help to establish interaction between buyers and sellers.
CIBUS Retail is a virtual business that will allow buyers to purchase products and leave feedback.
CIBUS Trade is a mass acquisition of trades for trading.
The second platform has the following four modules:
1.CIBUS Logistics - opening own logistics center, which will allow delivering products to customers from the central warehouse.
2.CIBUS AD-advertising and marketing platform
3.CIBUS Affiliate is a model for rewarding marketers, by promoting links and advertising.
4.CIBUS Escrow-mediation agreement in the financial plan, i.e. the payment is made only when all the terms of the agreement are fulfilled.

The tracking system is very important for the supply chain of products, and therefore the block system fully supports it. For this purpose, a global CIBUS ecosystem was created, which has a basic crypto currency for all transactions.
The main advantage of the CIBUS project over the others is that CIBUS will launch the latest generation of equipment: advanced sensors that will continuously monitor and send data to the unit. The company focuses on transparency and reliability of the system, as the main mission of the project is to achieve transparency in the global supply chain in order to gain maximum confidence from consumers and producers.
CIBUS is a virtual platform on which the ability to track food products will be realized, using the blocking technology that provides the implementation of food tracking.

Suppliers and consumers will be able to access information and check the origin of food available at various points. With the help of this system it will be possible to check the authenticity of food products, the ingredients included in them, as well as the status of the company engaged in the supply of this product: from the food producer to the end user.

How CIBUS works

CIBUS offers traceability and transparency through the use of blocking technology. Reliable mutually beneficial relationship between the seller and the buyer, without intermediaries. A lot of smart contracts to promote cross-border trade. Trust, efficiency and universalization of data at lower costs in the food industry.


Providing quick and detailed feedback.
Marketing and promotion aimed directly at consumers.
Full control of brand image.
Reducing costs for customers.
Interaction of universal data.

Transparency of products and food additives.
Ecosystem, created on the technology of blockchain.
Higher quality at a lower price.
Cooperation directly with the seller.
Awards for activity.

CIBUS was developed with the aim of creating a revolution in the food industry based on blockchain 2.0 in the 21st century

At the moment, there is a lack of confidence in the producers of products because of the risk of contamination of products with pathogenic forms of microorganisms, pesticides and other forms of chemical pollution.

Products can not be traced, check the region of origin, the conditions of production. This creates prerequisites for the existence of falsified products, labels with untrue information and false statements.

Due to the lack of data on the product, dishonest manufacturers and suppliers are trying to hide the composition of a particular product, thereby substituting for real product data.

The increase in the cost of products depends on the intermediaries who want to earn even more, thereby breaking the established system of supply and sale of products.

Most buyers and sellers place all care on intermediaries who want to enrich themselves and do not accept messages from any of their sides.

Genuine feedback and established communication between sellers and buyers is the key to making safe and trusted purchases.

The fragmentation of the entire system does not allow monitoring, establishing the security and transparency of data used by participants in this ecosystem

Inconsistent regulation, as well as ineffective implementation of quality control systems creates disagreements, disputes and leads to increased costs.

CIBUS token

The CIBUS token is the only way to pay for conducting multifunctional consumer-oriented marketing campaigns, organizing bonus systems, referral bonuses, discounts and advertising within the CIBUS ecosystem, providing exclusive access to CIBUS Trace and other platform functionality. It also serves as one of the best crypto currency for buying and selling food.
The project is designed to modernize existing supply chains and introduce a new standardized ecosystem, whose work will be stimulated through the mass use of the CIBUS token.


Name of the token: CIBUS
Total tokens: 100,000,000
Payment method: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
SOFT CAP: 5,000,000 CBT
HARD CAP: 40,000,000 CBT
PRE TGE: until February 28, 2018
ICO TOKEN SALE: February 28 - March 28, 2018
Price: 1 ETH = 1000 CIBUS Token

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