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[ANN][ICO]TradeBit - First mobile solutions for managing you

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TradeBit was formed by a team of young and devoted enthusiast who are eager leave their mark in the ever-expanding world of technology. We share the vision of the blockchain technology originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto. We want to expand his vision. We want to remove the centralized banking system which only steals from people and form of fees and taxes. However, with the birth of blockchain technology, many fake cryptocurrencies popped out saying that they will be next bitcoin. We don’t want our token to be next BitCoin, we want our token to allow people to reach to bitcoin and other valuable cryptocurrencies easier without the hassle of paying enormous taxes and fees.
Our team consists of Cryptocurrency enthusiast which share a common vision for the future, so we decided to make the change and develop something new and valuable.


TradeBit will be first cryptocurrency platform, that combines automated portfolio tracking, cryptocurrencies signals, investment insight, trading support for all the current exchanges API. Later in the roadmap, you can see we will develop our own exchanges, which will be the first one to support all the top 200 cryptocurrencies at the same time. We are also developing coaching system as well, so users with more experience can share it with newcomers and make a profit in TBT token.[/size]

An Open Letter to the Community from TradeBit’s team
We are happy to announce that we significantly increase the rate for investors:
from 7500 to 120000 in Phase 1
from 6250 to 100000 in Phase 2
from 5000 to 80000 in Phase 3
Which is 16 times more. The supply stays the same - 500 000 000 TBT.
For the bounty campaign, we will release our emergency supply which 10 000 000 TBT and the 5 000 000 TBT from the marketing supply. In total 20 000 000 TBT (4% of the whole supply).
The ETH address is already changed. For all the investors already purchased on the previous rates will be compensated immediately after the new rates are applied! Bounty subscribers will also transition to the new rates accordingly.
By giving this opportunity to the investors we are going to reduce the HARD CAP of the crowdsale from 50000 ETH to 3000 ETH.
We want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our community.
Best regards, TradeBit Team.




Exchange with support for all top 200 cryptocurrencies at the same time.



TradeBit Token will be used as a payment method inside our platform. In order to access all the cool features, you will have to use your token inside. Also, they will be used as a payment method from user to user for sharing trading signals and investment insight. If you want to teach and get into the cryptocurrency world faster, you will have the possibility to learn from the best.



Android App | IOS - cooming soon



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