[ICO] Hdac - protocol for IoT 27.11-22.12.2017

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[ICO] Hdac - protocol for IoT 27.11-22.12.2017

Postby alterego087 » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:09 am

Among the important problems of our time can be called the development of the concept of IoT. Its essence is the following: all the things that surround a person and which he uses in his daily life are networked and can interact with each other without the participation of the latter. That is, a person can get the result without giving the devices an algorithm of actions.


Scientists have determined that for the creation of the IoT system (Internet of things), the technology of blochain is optimal.
The development of innovative solutions in this area was undertaken by the Hdac team.

Protocol for IoT
The aim of the Hdac platform is to create an innovative system within which IoT devices can interact with each other using smart contracts. Transactions between devices will pass through the channels of private lockers, which will increase security and ensure the safety of the transmitted data.
One of the main components of the Hdac ecosystem will be their tokens, which can be used as a means of payment. In doing so, it can be done not only by people, but also by devices. This is one of the innovations of Hdac - the creation of Machine Currency.

Platform tokens can be created and used without restrictions, and the asset name can be defined or freely created and distributed by an authorized administrator.

Token Settings

The token ticker is DAC. The total number of DAC is 12 billion . The pre-sale and ICO will realize only 7%, which will be distributed among investors.
Another 7% of tokens will be stored as a financial reserve and will be used to create infrastructure, introduce Hdac technology into the ecosystem and support the liquidity of the token.

86% of tokens will be extracted later with the help of mining.

The funds collected during the preselection and ICO will be used as follows:
35% will be left in the general reserve of the project
15% will remain with HDAC foundation & HDAC technology AG as a reserve
 24% will be launched for the development and implementation of Hdac technology.
12% HDAC Core R & D / 5% HDAC IoT Hardware R & D / 7% Operation
11% will go to marketing services, advisers, social networking support and the bounty program
 15% for the creation of infrastructure, organization of the ecosystem, management and launch of the system. The distribution of coins will be as follows:

Sale of DAC tokens.
The start of sales began on November 27 and will last until December 22, 2017. The sales rate is 1 BTC = 18000 DAC. Bonus on the first day of 25% to the deposit. In total, the team plans to collect about 6 thousand bitcoins.

If you want to get acquainted with the technical side of the project, you can read the white paper
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Re: [ICO] Hdac - protocol for IoT 27.11-22.12.2017

Postby alterego087 » Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:33 pm

Its really good project
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