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DeepOnion Community

Postby camuszpride » Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:22 am

DeepOnion is a brand new PoW (mineable) and freely distributed coin to the community (through regular airdrops). After a period of secrecy and much anticipation all the details on DeepOnion was revealed to the public this evening. Since then the forum thread has taken a life of its own, and has quickly become one of the most popular forum threads this week on Bitcointalk. The news of DeepOnions is spreading like wildfire across social media as we speak.

What is DeepOnion?
It is a brand new coin that was released on the 12th of July. The developers have taken a unique approach to how they distribute the coin. 90% of the coin has already been mined, of which the vast majority will be used to distribute for free to people who join the free airdrops (more on how you can receive your free coins further down the article).

The development team’s focus is on creating as secure and anonymous transaction network as possible. To achieve that they are utilising the Tor network to connect up to. As a result your IP address is not registered anywhere when using DeepOnion. Instead of this an anonymous Tor network ID is created for you.

As your IP address is hidden it makes any payments/transactions that you make completely anonymous. Nothing can essentially be traced back to you.

The coin also boasts of extremely fast transaction times, much faster than Bitcoin (at the present time I have been unable to test this out just yet – but once I have, I will add this to the blog post).

How do I get DeepOnion coins?
There are two ways of getting DeepOnions;

Either through their next 40 airdrops, which will be transferred free of charge directly into your DeepOnions Wallet or;
You mine it

Roadmap – long-term plans for improvement
The coin will start trading on its first cryptocurrency exchange in the third quarter of 2017. Reading their roadmap it is clear the team is focusing on not only ensuring that the coin keeps on improving its technology (with high emphasis on security, speed of transaction and stability) but also on ensuring that they raise brand awareness to the general masses outside of the cryptocurrency community – as they reveal a high focus on marketing in their roadmap as well. This is bound to have a positive impact on the price of the coin, once it starts trading on exchange sites.

I have chosen to focus on and highlight the most important technological improvement to DeepOnion here below (that will be implemented over the next eight months).

Release paper wallet and brain wallet in the third quarter of 2017.
Launch of deepsend – which they describe as their next level in block-chain anonymity, so what this precisely is about, will be very interesting to see.
Q4 – the free airdrops will be completed.
2018 first quarter – launch of mobile device wallets (iOS and Android).
2018 first quarter – Add feature allowing user to securely put any data into the DeepOnion blockchain
2018 second quarter – Supporting Smart contract – this one I am particularly keen on seeing, are they perhaps the next challengers to Ethereum?
2018 second quarter – Importing modern features and future advancement our blockchain technology
2018 second quarter – More Exchanges trade-able for ONIONs
2018 second quarter – More Shopping Sites accepting ONIONs
2018 second quarter – ONION accepted Games
Further development suggest they will be taking feedback from the community in consideration for any future product development – which is highly encouraging to see.
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby pajulapoiss » Tue Dec 05, 2017 2:55 am

I can only agree, DeepOnion has come up with a brilliant distribution method that has brought together an amazing community. There's already other projects that are picking this method up, and for good reason.

Blockchain will disrupt the global organizations, and will give power back to the people.
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby usbs » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:18 am

I like the way this community is growing every day; I started thinking to invest more in this crypto that offers anonymity and security; but also I like the DeepVault feature, this is a tool to authenticate a legal document on the DeepOnionBlockchain.
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby the-doctor » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:28 am

I invested so far in 3 cryptos Omisego Raiden Network and Deeponion. I must say DO is my weakness cause the team is so professional and I feel beeing part of the largest community in Crypto
Thank you for this!
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby EnViRoNmEnT » Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:34 am

I am also an early investor and supporter in the DeepOnion project! Guys, this is not just another shitty anonymous coin / airdrop! Everybody is recognizing this potential once they are dealing with the DeepOnion on their website / forum just five minutes. Its not only a huge community after this short time (DeepOnion is a very young project, I think they started in July 2017) its also a great project with great features like DeepVault. We have to speak out a compliment to those great devs :D Keep it up Dudes!
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby Freegan » Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:42 am

Throughout the months that I have been involved in the world of cryptos, I have never seen a phenomenon like DeepOnion given the creativity of its developers, the strength of its community and the hard work with which they are driving this altcoin as one of the great promises of 2018.

Today I see that Deeponion is beginning to emerge as a great option to invest, and that is why they are starting tp enjoy the success they deserve for their great efforts.
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby hous26 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:48 am

I'm also really excited for the smart contracts because if it has a nice, easy to use platform with easy to use smart contracts then this could be huge. Can you imagine what would happen to DeepOnion's price if their smart contract platform is a success and lots of other projects want to build on it? They might want to do just this because think about it, DeepOnion will also have DeepSend released by then and since its open source, they could integrate it into their own coins with ease. DeepOnion is definitely an exciting coin to follow.
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby Ranger4R » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:18 am

well, I can add a little to all the complements about DeepOnion already spoken here!
DeepOnion is a very advance and initiative prject in crypto as of now. There are several reason for that : hitech features, strong dev team, healthy and live community! Community really give DeepOnion a high boost with some domination tasks. Result is decent from 0.75 to 4.5$ less in a month! So with continues Airdrops, this is best project form.
If you think you're late to join us- no, you are not! Join to DeepOnion Airdrops campaign and receive solid % per month on your investment. As a bonus you'' ll receive excellent community friends!
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Re: DeepOnion Community

Postby Morkriger » Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:49 am

Nice info about DeepOnion, its community is a very important fact to keep in mind about a cryptocurrency and DeepOnion has an ample community, and also I've noticed in DeepOnion community moderators and devs are very active with the project and that is a point which I value a lot, no doubt this project will be one of the greatest!
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