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[ANN] ARCONA - Augmented Reality Ecosystem. Sale 27.11.2017

Postby pedrillo0 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:35 am


A Blockchain Powered Ecosystem merging together real and virtual worlds worldwide creating augmented reality layer The Digital Land

What is Arcona Ecosystem

The Arcona Ecosystem creates a Digital Land - a layer of Augmented Reality uniting the physical and virtual worlds into a single information environment perfectly linked to our real world. It is designed for everyday user interactive experience with augmented reality content in real world locations and change the surrounding real space on fly through the smartphone, tablet or with the use of headsets like HoloLens or similar In this Digital Land, anyone will be able to rent a land plot and start doing business within the AR platform. Everything will be controlled remotely, so you will be able to do your business worldwide without leaving your office.


What Is arcona token

Token holders will bid on and own digital lots and receive rent payments when their lot is used by other AR programs on the platform. The Digital Land is the main asset of Arcona. You can Buy, Sell, Rent or Lease the Land and the 3D content using ERC20 token called arcona. Smart contract on blockсhain, guarantees protection of copyright and property rights. The system automates royalty payments to content creators, and rents to digital asset owners.


What problem Arcona does solve

Correct positioning of a virtual object in a real place in outdoor is still an issue. The recent tech improvements from Apple and Google give a partial solution, relying mainly on the smartphone and its camera capacity.


1.Accurate remote placement of augmented reality objects in a changing environment. No GPS. - We use real world objects as a marker.
2.The ability to link virtual content with real landscapes anywhere in the world regardless of size.
3.A universal augmented reality environment connecting developers and consumers.
4.The ability for a wide range of users without any particular programming skills to create and monetize content within the augmented reality environment  
5. You will gain access to high-traffic locations, where you will be able to build entire worlds integrated into the real environment.


Traction, Revenue, Milestones  

The Arcona AR ecosystem is being developed by the professional team at Piligrim XXI.  We have 4 years of experience in developing AR solutions and Arcona is the natural extension of our passion and experience in AR. There are now 8 augmented reality parks and many other AR Projects sold in 6 European countries. The company’s revenue is USD 700K. Now our computer vision system prototype is ready as an independent platform for AR. Microsoft Seed Fund grant, accelerations of Intel and Google, Skolkovo Foundation, top 20 startups by Booking Booster Programm assisted in our job.


www.arcona.io Telegram: https://t.me/arcona_ico WhatsApp +34661849960;  Daniil Girdea
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Re: [ANN] ARCONA - Augmented Reality Ecosystem. Sale 27.11.2

Postby pedrillo0 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:07 am

Arcona is starting its Official Bounty Program in order to reward its supporters with ARC tokens.
2% of all raised tokens will be allocated to the Bounty Program. The program will run until the end of the Token Sale. The bounties will be paid within 30 days after the end of the Token Sale.

General Bounty distribution:

Please check your participation in this spreadsheet


Stakes will be paid depending on followers (at the start of the campaign).

250-749 followers: 1 stake per retweet
750-1499 followers: 2 stakes per retweet
1500-9999 followers: 4 stakes per retweet
10.000+ followers: 6 stakes per retweet

Minimum 3 retweets per week
Maximum 2 retweets per day, and 10 retweets per week

1. Follow Arcona on Twitter: https://twitter.com/arconaico
2. Register with this form
3. Register your retweets every 2 weeks with these forms:
Weeks 1-2 (27.10-10.11, submit until 17.11)
Weeks 3-4 (11.11-24.11, submit until 1.12)
Weeks 5-6 (25.11-8.12, submit until 15.12)
Weeks 7-8 (if appplicable) (9.12-22.12, submit until 29.12)

Must have Jr. Member or higher rank in Bitcointalk
Your twitter audit (https://www.twitteraudit.com/) score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers from the last audit will count.
Twitter followers will NOT be updated after having registered in the campaign


This bounty consists of three tasks:
1. Translation of ANN+bounty thread
2. Translation of Whitepaper+Website to the following languages: Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Indonesian, Vietnamese
3. Creation and moderation of local Telegram/Wechat/Kakaochat group

Stakes earned will depend on the activity in the thread and the number of members in the Telegram/Wechat/Kakaochat group.

Translation of pinned message from main group: 5 stakes + 2 stake/member at the end of campaign
ANN+bounty threads: 50 stakes + 5 Stakes per valid post
Whitepaper translation: 200 stakes

1. Send an email to bounty@arcona.io with the following details:
- Native language
- Part of bounty you apply for (ANN/WP/Telegram)
- Translation/moderation experience (if any)
- Bitcointalk username
- ERC-20 wallet address
2. After being accepted and completing the translation, post in this thread with a link to the translated thread or whitepaper

1. Participants are required to keep the local thread and Telegram groups alive by posting and translating regular updates, news or any important announcements. A single post thread will be rejected.
2. Automatic (Google or similar) translations or translations with low quality will be rejected.
3. Unnecessary or repeated posts shall be rejected for stake counting
4. Only posts written by the OP will count


1 stake/week

1. Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/arcona_ico
2. Fill and submit this form

1. Only one reward per Telegram and Bitcointalk user
2. You must be active in the Telegram group at least once per week
3. You must have a minimum of 10 posts in the forum before joining


Distribution of stakes according to user level:

Jr. Member: 1 stake/day
Member: 2 stakes/day
Full Member: 3 stakes/day
Sr Member: 5 stakes/day
Hero/Legendary: 7 stakes/day


1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text
2. Fill and submit this form

1. Signature, avatar and personal text must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the TGE (allow around a week for these calculations)
2. A minimum of 15 meaningful posts per week must be made during this period. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not count.
3. Posts must have a minimum length of 70 characters
4. Participants must have at least Jr. Member rank in the forum

Signatures: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2324185.0


Spread the word with your original content and earn tokens by:
- Blogging about Arcona,
- promoting it in other forums, in your Facebook/LinkedIn group or any other social outlet with a large outreach
- creating YouTube videos

30% of the allocation (0.09% of raised tokens) will be reserved for invite-only VIP content creators.

Stakes earned depending on quality (decided by AmaZix/Arcona after review):

Rejected: 0 stakes
Low: 1 stake
Medium: 2 stakes
High: 3 stakes
(per post/video)

Reposting on another (relevant) site will earn an extra 50% of stakes (one repost per article allowed)

1. Complete and submit this form (once your videos are uploaded or your articles are posted)
2. Post a link to your article/video here

1. The blog/forum must be focused on a relevant topic (at the sole discretion of Amazix/Arcona)
2. Blog posts must have at least 250 words and forum posts must have at least 100 words.
3. Blogs/forums/videos in languages other than English may also be accepted (at the sole discretion of Amazix/Arcona). Please contact me first to check.
4. Videos have to be meaningful and related to Arcona: the Token Sale, aspects of the Arcona, online gaming, augmented reality, related technology, etc.
5. Videos/articles with fake views will be disqualified
6. Only original content will be accepted
7. Spamming/posting in wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts deleted or closed by the forum’s administration will not count.
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Re: [ANN] ARCONA - Augmented Reality Ecosystem. Sale 27.11.2

Postby pedrillo0 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:08 am

Arcona`s vision of a new digital world!

Check out: https://medium.com/@arconaico/the-key-of-a-new-digital-world-819c0b58e8e3
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