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Get involved in lost projects

Postby CryptoTrader » Tue Oct 03, 2017 6:11 am


I am a software developer and fore some time I was in the blockchain area.
Given the fact that in the future I want to build a big service around the blockchain protocol I want to get involved first in a project that already exists.

After some research I choose CorgiCoin to be the project that I will follow.

In order to get more knowledge on how a small project can attract peoples I decided to start developing some features.

The old developers abandoned the project, but I don't know the reason for why they did it.

The purpose will be to get mainstream adoption because if we want to do something ... let's do it as best as we can.
Also the coin's main purpose will be the anonymity and privacy.

* For the moment I'm developing a website for the coin because the old one was a ugly Wordpress page.
* Create Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter, Steemit , Telegram/Discord/Slack accounts.
* I will start to develop a block-explorer for the coin in order for everybody to get comfortable with the coin
* The core code will need to be checked to see if there are any bugs that needs to be repaired.
* Some new wallets will be needed web/desktop/mobile ( also the wallets will have integration with TOR/I2P )
* Add feature for face-detection payment made from the unlocked wallet.
* Create a marketplace for the people to spread the project and also for their interest
* Create some mini gambling games like lottery's.
* Integrate zk-SNARKs algorithm in the core blockchain code to increase the anonymity of the users.

For sure will be many other improvements that can be made and will be discovered in time based also on the community needs.

If there are people that want's to get involved in this project it will be perfect as it will increase the mainstream adoption.

Thank you!
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Re: Get involved in lost projects

Postby CryptonetixRep » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:28 pm

Why do that when there are projects like Cryptonetix, it is changing the life of many. So, are you interested in changing your future for betterment? If so then join hands with Cryptonetix and change your future!
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Re: Get involved in lost projects

Postby Duecoin Official » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:32 pm

We should only get involved in projects that have serious potential instead of random thing. If we go with such options then it is long struggle. So choice projects like Duecoin, which guarantees safe and secure future, so go ahead now and be part of this spectacular event!
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