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Zonto is a platform or application developed for business world activists. Zonto has great features and can create a network in the business world. The zonto platform is the latest breakthrough that enables mobility in business so that huge profits are ready to follow your hard work.
Today the focus of our attention is the social SMART network project ZONTO. True, calling this service a social network, we are much un-reconciled, because this is a whole platform that has the potential to become a virtual environment for everyone.

What is the innovative core of the ZONTO project?Developed ZONTO architecture
It is assumed that they will gently integrate into the network and logically line up with respect to each other. Thus, the user chooses his own "chains" and connects the necessary blocks for himself.Microeconomics ZONTO
Nothing new is that ZONTO suggests using its internal token to calculate no.

The coin of the same name will be awarded to everyone who entered the network, by the way, we have already registered in the beta version, everything is really so. Got 500 ZONTO on the account. A referral program will work, which will help you replenish your network tokens by attracting new users. Anyone can register at https://zonto.world/z553

This is also a CRM system that allows you to keep your hand on the pulse of your business and everything in one application. Counting calls and other parameters will allow you to see everything that happens to your business in real time.
Zonto provides for broadcasting your radio for your business. For example, a network of cafes. Agree that music in a restaurant or cafe also matters. Music is an element of the design of the institution. From the Zonto application, you have the ability to control what is playing in your cafe.Not just for business.
Zonto is a social network with integrated modules:
Around me — all the most necessary things map near you. Restaurants, shops, hairdressers, pharmacies, gas stations and much more on the surrounding map. Discounts and promotions - Zonto shows the best deals around you.
Be Always aware of what discounts and promotions offer companies near you. And don't miss the chances to be the first who will use that discounts.

On one Zonto platform, we will benefit from the functionality provided in the form of job search for freelancers, rental real estate or looking for jobs / employees who are in the search / service function.
We can also see the potential that exists around our residence via the Maps zonto function,
as well as Google maps, but it will be clear whether around where we live opens jobs or business opportunities for us

Zonto has powerful and powerful features to maximize your business. Zonto offers a breakthrough in the technology world to make your business a great opportunity to succeed. Zonto can bring together freelancers with entrepreneurs, Zonto can also be used by you as a product of media advertising -  your product, zonto also you can use to buy goods with zontonya marketpalace, in addition there are many other advantages possessed zonto.

ZONTO Messenger

built-in chat network that plans to breed your social roles and correspondingly C2C, B2C, B2B communication types. For those who do not know the meaning of these terms: consumer for the consumer, business for the consumer, business for business.

Wallet with a wide range of possibilities
The system will integrate the electronic purse of the AdVcash payment system, with the ability to issue virtual MasterCard. Inside the wallet will be made instant money transfers without commission!The module for financial organizations
ZONTO with wide possibilities is one of the first companies in the European Union that fulfills the requirements of the EU PSD2 payment directive and the
ideology of the open API with our partners. The directive regulates payment services, key consumer rights, the principles of interaction between market participants and lays the foundation for a completely new financial system in the sense that the old "finish" at all.

Where to download Zonto app? ( https://ico.zonto.world/ )
You can download the app Zonto by the link:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .zontoFast payment using Zonto.
The Zonto wallet in your mobile phone allows you to pay for goods and services without leaving the application.
It is possible to transfer funds through the mobile application via the internet.




The information is below:Pre-ICO:
Start: 14/08/2017
end 28/08/2017

A total of 200,000 tokens are available on the Pre-ICO.The cost of 1 ZONTO token in the pre-ICO framework is the equivalent of $ 2The cost of 1 ZONTO token within the ICO is the equivalent of $ 5.zonto.world/presale

For more information visit

Website: https://zonto.world/presale/en.

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwXDs8 ... lpdmM/view

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