1929 and made $100 million

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1929 and made $100 million

Postby reazboss25 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:51 pm

One of the first famous short-sellers in the history of the the U.S. stock market, Jesse Livermore first shorted stocks on a hunch that preceded the San Francisco earthquake. Though he really couldn't have foreseen the quake itself, the trade bagged him $250,000, and gave him a taste for short-selling. He then shorted the 1907 market crash and made $1 million. Then he made $3 million shorting wheat in 1925. But he joined the big leagues when correctly predicted the 1929 crash, and shorted the entire market, and bagged $100 million—that's serious money even now, it was an even bigger jackpot then.
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