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solid wood composite floor

Postby qizhen0809 » Thu Jan 05, 2017 7:57 am

Multilayer solid wood composite joins a floor board is with multilayer plywood is base material, the surface sticks the compound floor board that real wood skin makes. The raw material sort of base material reachs those who machine craft to be able to bring about floor product to bend be out of shape. Cause be out of shape the element can induce as follows:
1 , multilayer the influence that solid wood composite combines floor raw material
The raw material of base material (veneer) with same kind the tree is planted, the close of drying shrinkage coefficient of lumber, base material is out of shape not easily. Use miscellaneous wood sometimes, especially the density of lumber is different, the lumber with drying shrinkage different coefficient mixes form semifinished product, in the central layer of base material two side form the stress of asymmetry, cause floor base material to bend or twist is out of shape. Accordingly, if choose miscellaneous wood to regard as multilayer the raw material that solid wood composite combines floor base material, the tree that should choose close of timbered proportion and material sex as far as possible is planted. In the central layer of base material the symmetrical layer of two side chooses same tree to plant as far as possible. If the condition allows, manufacturing company can be bought external raw material is planted by the tree and material sex undertakes grading.
2, multilayer the influence that solid wood composite adds up to floor veneer moisture content
Distributing in the moisture content of veneer below bigger case, for example, in same Zhang Jicai in board base, some veneer moisture content are 7% , some veneer moisture content are 14% , after classics gelatinize, hot pressing, finished product base material board the moisture content of each place distributings inhomogenous, although, base material board just came out from press when be level off, when moisture content is balanced afresh, curve generation to be out of shape with twist. Moisture content of if board base is medium specific area is exorbitant, still can arise statified phenomenon. So, inside the limits that the moisture content that should control veneer as far as possible asks in craft. Veneer gelatinize wants even, can pass extend Chen Hua time appropriately, the moisture content that makes the board base before hot pressing is reached each layers each a little bit achieves a balance.
3, multilayer solid wood composite joins a floor board interior of base material board is folded (jackknife) from (from seam) influence
Base material board folds defection in-housely to make plank produces stress, the effect that this kind of stress produces on pieces of whole base material board not very apparent, when cutting base material bladed saw ground batten, fold can bring about from generation stress dot multilayer solid wood composite adds up to ground batten generation to be out of shape. When if be in exterior three-layer,appearing to fold a layer badly, in the drenchs compound floor is using real wood of layer process that controls, folding a place (the facing of 0.6mm ply) clear visible light arris. Accordingly, must undertake joining together to medium plate, make medium plate rectifies Zhang Hua, decrease to be folded with what avoid medium plate from.
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Re: solid wood composite floor

Postby lily0901 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:32 am

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